An Article on Why Learning Chinese is Critically Important

How is it important to study Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan? There is one important fact to know: it’s the largest lingua franca. Unbelievably more spoken across the world when comparing to English in the stat of how many speakers use it as a native language! Another good answer: in the constantly changing market, many economic forecasters today predict the lessening economic might of the USA in the world economy, and the rising economic prowess of the Chinese. This is one of many reasons why Mandarin Chinese is the best language to learn in the world marketplace. Jobs in finance, real estate, medical, chemistry, as well as other fields even within Western countries, plenty of corporations are starting to request fluency with Standard Chinese to compliment English. To be able to compete in the modern times, it can be important to study a a second or third language, and in the evolving global market, there is no better option than Chinese.

That said, hundreds in the Western world are afraid to trip to assumedly Communist China, censorship of the press, attitudes against foreigners, widespread corruption, among other excuses. Possibly they are right. So what is our solution? At what place can you find a Chinese speaking culture and people, accepting of Westerners, with a modernized economy, and democratic rule of law where you can study Chinese with great success? The best choice is to go to Taiwan, which is called the Republic of China (Guomindang). The mainland Communists are known as the People’s Republic of China.

In the isle of Formosa, there is a democratic government, a amazing environment, a country friendly to foreign people, and one of the lowest rates of crime in the world, with a significantly lower crime rate than China’s. The populace of Taiwan are enthusiastic and the business market is growing fast. This situation is making a large need for Western graudates such as lawyers, managers, and other skilled employees to join in the effort to assist with the very fast expansion of Taiwanese businesses. Having ability of Chinese will help potential employees as a colossal leg up over their monolingual competition. In addition, a large number of Chinese corporations, or those with many Chinese clients are searching for workers have journeyed in a Chinese country like the island of Taiwan, as many workers are often encouraged to enlist in business trips abroad.The writer manages this site: Learn Chinese in Taiwan. Their latest news can be found here: Taiwan Study Blog

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