An Explanation Why Studying the Mandarin Language is Crucial

Why learn Chinese in Taiwan ? Simple: it’s the world’s largest language. That’s right, larger than English in terms of native speakers! Another reason: in the always changing globe, most global economists today foresee the lessening economic place of the United States in the world economy, and the rising status of the nominally communist Chinese nation. This is one more reason to consider how Putonghua (Standard Mandarin) is a rewarding language for students to learn in the world economy. Job offers in consulting, engineering, pharmaceuticals, science, among many other job fields even within Western societies, thousands of corporations are now planning to request new applicants to have a high level of skill at the Chinese language in addition to English ability. To continue to be the best in the global labor pool, it is very crucial to gain fluency in a a second or third language, and with China’s growing importance, it’s hard to think of a language more important to learn than Chinese.

That said, millions in the Western world are afraid to trip to assumedly Communist China, censorship of the press, crimes against foreigners, government surveillance of citizens, among other excuses. Possibly they are right. So what is our solution? At what place can you find a Chinese speaking culture and people, accepting of Westerners, with a high standard of living, and democratic rule of law where you can study Chinese to great effect? The right answer is to go to Taiwan, which is called the Republic of China (Guomindang). The mainland Communists are known as the People’s Republic of China.

In the isle of Formosa, there is a democratic government, a pretty ecosystem, a culture friendly to foreign people, and among the lowest crime rates in the world, with a significantly lower crime rate than China’s. The citizenry of Taiwan are full of energy and Taiwan’s industries are rapidly growing. The modern situation has guranteed a huge need for Western workers such as lawyers, engineers, and other skilled workers to be employed to help with the constant expansion of Taiwanese corporations. Gaining ability of Standard Chinese will give applicants as a tremendous advantage when compared with their single language speaker applicants. Also, numerous Mandarin-speaking firms, or those importing Chinese products are hoping for English native speakers have studied language inside of a Chinese nation such as Taiwan, as many workers are often required to make business trips in Asia.The writer manages this site: Study in Taiwan. Their latest news can be found here: Taiwan Blog

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